Woocommerce Features

Shop & Buy Theme has an eCommerce plugin integrated, that helps you to sell anything.

Full documentation of this plugin can be found here.

We added some features to this plugin, namely:

  • Short description can be visible on catalog pages,
  • it is possible to specify the number of characters of short description (If enabled),
  • it is possible to disable a sidebar on Woocommerce pages,
  • it is possible to disable/enable loop buttons (add to cart, select options) on woocommerce catalog pages
  • it is possible to disable/enable product details button on woocommerce catalog pages
  • Woocommerce cart can be visible at the top part of the page,

it is possible to change above options in Shop & Buy –>Template options –> Page tab.

Woocommerce template files are overriden in ShopAndBuy/woocoomerce directory.

There are functions used in this woocommerce plugin in ShopAndBuy/gavern/wc-functions.php file. Here, you can find options, e. g. to display amount of products per page, change the number of products per row (Using Woocommerce hooks).

The appearance of a Woocommerce plugin was praperad especially for Shop & Buy Theme and is strictly connected with theme files. We made sure that the plugin is fully responsive (as the theme). We do not recommend to enable WooCommerce CSS. You can choose one of the three plugin’s color versions. (matched to the appearance of the theme).